Project Description

How to capture the unmeasurable aspects of the human experience? To feel, to relate, to connect is fundamentally human. To feel, to relate, to connect is fundamentally linked to our health and wellbeing. But how to ‘prove’ this? How to ‘evidence’ that when people come together in community, their health and wellbeing improves? Is it true that ‘if you can’t measure it, it does not exist’? Or are we ‘measuring’ in a way that doesn’t give us access to some community members’ truth(s)? Thinking of ‘evidence’ in a way that doesn’t acknowledge the role of creativity and neglects to give us access to the human experience? And what is ‘truth’ anyway?

The Measuring Humanity project is one of the most challenging, enlightening and amazing projects I’ve ever worked on. It’s vast in it’s scope, reaching from the Grassroots up to Policy level, and encompassing theories from Health and Social Sciences to Philosophy. The task was to take this project rooted in academia and make it accessible to practitioners on the ground who could then apply the Framework to measure the effectiveness of their projects in terms of improving heath and wellbeing.

Measuring Humanity represented an amazing opportunity to bring in web design, video and music, and work with some amazing people along the way. The content we’ve created is funny, inspiring, emotive, engaging and brimming with purpose. Here are some highlights from Measuring Humanity:

Rate Your Relationships

Measuring Humanity: The Philosophy

Come On In