Terry Alderton’s All Crazy Now‘ is not so much a radio show, but a piece of evidence against him, or possibly cathartic expungence* from years of frustration and self censorship. This is a wild ride that Dabster is proud to bring to BBC Radio 4.  ‘All Crazy Now’ is unique – if Kenny Everett and Spike Milligan got together they would be making a show like this. It’s a one man Goon Show not to be missed!

Terry plays all the characters himself – every single voice you hear is him – from dancing bears, Akil Chowdry, Morgan the Freeman, his inner voices, Victor, a sketch which is about a mother and something to do with Monkey Fights. Oh, and there’s songs – songs about pole vaulting chickens, sausages, cornflakes and keeping your dreams alive….

“Even those familiar with the experimental nature of this late night slot may be taken aback”  – RadioTimes

“A stand-up of dizzying inventiveness” – The Times

“Unstable and deliciously unexpected” –  The Guardian

“Oddly addictive” – Sunday Telegraph

“You could give your ears a rest and listen to Classic FM” – Daily Telegraph