A two part documentary investigating why mental health issues are so prominent in stand up comedy; how talking about these issues affects the comedians and how the performances challenge the stigma in society.

Comedians often draw on personal experience to produce their material, but what happens when their lives are touched by mental health issues? In this series we wanted to find out why so many performers choose to talk about such personal matters in front of strangers. Six comedians performed to a sold out crowd at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and then listened back their sets the next day. Facing their own words the comedians retold their stories in a different light, explaining why some of the most difficult parts of their lives became the source of some of their best material.

Suicidal tendencies, anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviour are not subjects that you would normally poke fun at, but as presenter Julia Sutherland discovered, laughter can be the best medicine. Consistently our contributors revealed that talking about their problems gave them great relief, and by being open on stage has not only helped themselves to overcome their own issues but also to raise awareness around the world.

Feeling Kind of Funny was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland as part of the Changing Minds season.

Episode 1. Featuring John Lloyd, Janey Godley, Debs Gatenby, Harriet Dyer and Felicity Ward.

Episode 2. Featuring Felicity Ward, Keara Murphy, Juliette Burton, Janey Godley and John Lloyd.