June 18, 2012

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Radio GoNorth

Radio GoNorth

The Dabster team relocated to Inverness for 2 weeks to run Radio GoNorth, a live internet radio station broadcasting from a marquee in the gardens of BBC Inverness.  Through a series of intensive workshops, we trained up 12 producers who then went live on the radio for 3 days during the GoNorth festival.  The output was exceptional, with a playlist of top tunes, packs, and a steady stream of… read more

Gie’s Peace

Gie's Peace

I recently edited and mixed this fascinating documentary about the Faslane Peace Camp, produced by Gill Davies for BBC Radio Scotland. As Faslane Peace Camp prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Shereen Nanjiani finds out about the effect living at the camp has had on residents past and present and how locals and the authorities react to having Scotland’s longest-running protest camp on… read more

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